This Product Contains Nicotine.
Nicotine is highly addictive Chemical and may be dangerous to your health.


Al Tawareg Tobacco Molasses Co., founded and located in Jordan since 2006, introduces a wide variety of its economic
hand-made product “Al Tawareg Hookah Pipe Tobacco”  which is produced to meet the needs and demands of our customers.

Made in the heart of Jordan, mixed with +20 year of experience, Al Tawareg offers more than 80 mouthwatering flavors handpicked by specialists and experts, whom are just like us, fully committed to provide the one of the best qualities, amazing taste and freshest product in the market. This line of Hookah Tobacco is the end result of our quest to produce a quality tobacco on par with the other competing brands in the market, in terms of taste and smoke longevity, while carefully adding balanced affordability.

Hand-mixed of high quality molasses, selected from the finest Virginian Tobacco, purest Glycerine, and our in-house amazing mixture of honey and exotic flavors, Al Tawareg Hookah Pipe Tobacco will deliver thick and creamy clouds of smoke with untold flavor throughout the bowl.

Al Tawareg Hookah Pipe Tobacco comes to you in more than 80 different exotic mouth-watering flavors packed in different sizes and styles.




We at Al Tawareg Shisha Tobacco have a simple philosophy. We are Love hookah, we love everything about hookah and tobacco, and we love what Hookah and Shisha can bring together, FRIENDS!!!

Because of this Love, we created this company and this specific brand that is dedicated to provide the finest premium tobacco with fresh flavours, premium ingredients but not to forget the service that comes along to give you a superior shisha experience.

You can choose between over 80 premium flavours. From traditional flavours to innovative blends, Al Tawareg  guarantees a mouthwatering Shisha experience every time.

Al Tawareg is committed to the highest quality control throughout the process and for each batch of tobacco.