This Product Contains Nicotine.
Nicotine is highly addictive Chemical and may be dangerous to your health.

AlTawareg  Premium Shisha Tobacco is made of the finest and highest quality of French Virginia tobacco with organic honey and delicious – FDA approved – food flavors to give the Shisha-er  a superior taste and cloud experience.

Al Tawareg is a  handcrafted innovative Shisha Tobacco will awaken your deepest senses  with a blend that smells as good as the fruits, and tastes even better.

Al Tawareg is a a mix between simplicity, authenticity, experience and purity.

“Al Tawareg is your NEW lifestyle choice.”


Al Tawareg Signature Premium Tobacco LTD was incorporated in 2006, which makes us as one of the pioneers in this industry.

By 2007 Al Tawareg first batch was released into the US market with over 33 flavors, and in 50gm packs.

Today Al Tawareg Signature Shisha Tobacco offers more than 80 flavors comes in 50gm carton packs, 125gm tin cans with a choice to get them in plastic containers. Which also applies for the 250gm

For the catering and hookah cafe, Al Tawareg Signature Shisha offers a container of 1000gm to save on the packages.


Our Message is to deliver a very tasty and enjoyable shisha tobacco, while making it very affordable.

Our Passion is to excel, hence take the hookah industry to the better level…

Al Tawareg today delivers new concepts of tastes, flavors, while keeping the cost as minimal as possible.